1 Year Warranty for Refurbished Computer


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B&R Computers – Computer Hardware Warranty
*Not Transferrable from Original Purchaser*

Computer motherboard and components, processor (CPU), memory (RAM), hard drive, optical drive, screen, webcam (if equipped), built in keyboard and mouse, power adapter.

Not Covered:
Computer case (plastics and metals), less than five dead pixels on the screen, damage caused by misuse (including drops, liquid spills, keys pulled off keyboard, etc.), laptop batteries after 90 days from purchase.

If computer must be shipped to B&R for repair:
Shipping to B&R for repair is to be covered by buyer. Shipping back to buyer after repair will be paid for by B&R.

Initial Diagnosis:
If computer is equipped with built in diagnostics, it must be ran to confirm issue before shipping/dropping off with B&R. We can assist if necessary to get this ran.

Repairs / Replacement:
If computer is repairable, B&R Computers will repair the computer. If it’s deemed irreparable, a replacement computer will be provided with similar specs.



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