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Computer Help At Your Fingertips

Have you ever Imagined the day where you would be able to receive computer help you trust without ever leaving your home? A company that would have your best interest in mind and want to help ensure you are protected and your computer is running smoothly? You no longer have to imagine that day being far off in the future — it is here now!

B&R Computers offers service plans that feature phone and remote support, computer health monitoring, online backups, antivirus protection, software updates and many other features! As part of our service plans, you’ll have access to:

Service PLAN 1 (Basic) PLAN 2 (Plus) PLAN 3 (Premium)

System Monitoring

(be proactive to computer issues)

Antivirus Software

(protect your computer from infections)

Computer Tune Up

(keep your computer running smooth)
One Every 12 Months One Every 12 Months Two Every 12 Months

In Store Repairs and Services Discount

(not stackable with other offers)
25% 50%

Monthly Phone Support

(per device covered)
1 Hour Unlimited

In Home Services Discount

(not stackable with other offers)
25% 50%

Online Backup Plan

(secured and encrypted, per device)
50GB 100GB

Monthly Remote Support

(per device covered)
1 Hour Unlimited

Windows Update Management

(keep Windows up to date)

Third Party Software Update Management

(keep all other software up to date)

Monthly Investment

$12.99/first device,
$7.99 per additional device
$39.99/first device,
$24.99 per additional device
$65.99/first device
$38.99 per additional device

Backup storage over allocated amount will incur an additional charge.

Phone/Remote Support

With our remote support, you can get your questions answered and tech problems resolved without leaving the comfort of your home. You don’t need to bring your computer in to us, simply pick up the phone or set up a remote session on your computer, and we can answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Computer Health Monitoring

Is there a way of knowing when your computer is having an issue before it’s too late? Yes there is! With our system monitoring service, we will know if there is a hardware or software issue when it first arises. Should your hard drive start to fail, we will know before it fails entirely, potentially saving you from losing your data. Or, if suddenly your computer is running slow, we will be able to tell where the slowdown is located and make recommendations to help speed it up!

Online Backups

If you’ve ever lost important documents, family photos, or irreplaceable information that was stored on your computer, you know how devastating that situation can be. But you can rest assured that your data is protected with our online backup offering. The materials most important to you are all safe and sound in our encrypted backup portal. From a hardware failure to a Ransomware attack, your data can be recovered quickly!

Antivirus Protection

Don’t let a virus overtake your computer. Our comprehensive antivirus protection package is provided by Webroot, one of the biggest players in the game, and will help your computer fend off even the latest virus and malware threats. Noone wants to anticipate a computer virus, but it’s important to be prepared.

Software Updates

The software updates include Windows as well as third party programs, depending on the plan selected. With our scheduled patching, know that your software will always be up to date. Why is this important? Software updates are regularly released to plug security holes as well as enhance stability of the software. This will ensure a stable and protected system for years to come.

Computer Tune Up

Keep your computer running smoothly with our tune up offering. We clean up the computer, blow out the dust and ensure everything is running as good as it can. Our tune ups can save you time while you’re using your computer and will give you peace of mind that we gave a thorough check of everything on the computer

The best part of our service plans is that once you select the plan that works for you and we go over the initial set-up, everything else happens without any effort from the user! We will be monitoring, backing up, installing updates, etc. all during your down time. Leave the health of your computer in good hands. Call B&R Computers.

Are you are a small business? Please contact us directly to learn about our small business plans!