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Computer Help At Your Fingertips

Have you ever Imagined the day where you would be able to receive computer help you trust without ever leaving your home? A company that would have your best interest in mind and want to help ensure you are protected and your computer is running smoothly? You no longer have to imagine that day being far off in the future — it is here now!

B&R Computers offers service plans that feature phone and remote support, computer health monitoring, online backups, antivirus protection, software updates and many other features! As part of our service plans, you’ll have access to:


System Diagnostics

$75.00 20% Discount 40% Discount INCLUDED

Virus Removal

$150.00 20% Discount 40% Discount INCLUDED

Remote Support

$45.00 Connect Fee
$1.00 Per Minute
$35.00 Connect Fee
$1.00 Per Minute
$25.00 Connect Fee
$1.00 Per Minute

In Store Repairs and Services

$105.00 Per Hour 20% Discount 40% Discount INCLUDED

Managed Antivirus Software


Onsite Services

$120.00 Per Hour 10% Discount 20% Discount 40% Discount

Computer Backup Plan

Not Applicable $11.95 Per Month Per Computer Plus $1.00 Per GB $8.95 Per Month Per Computer Plus $1.00 Per GB $5.95 Per Month Per Computer Plus $0.50 Per GB

Computer Health Monitoring


Tune Up

$125.00 20% Discount 40% Discount INCLUDED

One Time System Baseline*

Not Applicable $99.00 $99.00 $99.00

Monthly Investment

$19.95 Per Month, Up to Three Devices $39.95 Per Month, Up to Three Devices $59.95 Per Month, Up to Three Devices

* One Time System Baseline is performed at the beginning of new contract to confirm computer is working properly and ready for our service plan.

System Diagnostics

When we get a computer in for repair, we always diagnose the issue and confirm the problem. Virus Removal If a computer comes in with a virus infection, our comprehensive checklist we use to clean the computer will ensure we are thorough in the clean up process. Remote Support If you ever have a question or need remote support, we can help you without lugging your computer to us! Over the phone or with a remote session on your computer, we can troubleshoot your issues.

Computer Health Monitoring

Imagine knowing when your computer is having an issue before it’s too late! With our system monitoring, we will know if there is a hardware or software issue when Windows first reports it. If your hard drive starts to fail, we will know before it fails entirely, potentially saving you from losing your data. Or, if suddenly your computer is running slow, we will be able to tell where the slowdown is in the system and make recommendations to help speed it back up!

Computer Backup Plan

With our online backup offering, rest assured your data is backed up securely should anything ever happen to your computer. Family photos, critical documents, etc. are all safe and sound in our encrypted backup portal. From a hardware failure to a Ransomware attach, your data can be recovered quickly!

Managed Antivirus Protection

Our antivirus protection is provided by Webroot, one of the biggest players in the game. They offer a very comprehensive package that can help protect you from the latest virus and malware threats. We will monitor and ensure it stays up to date and runs scans on a scheduled interval.

Computer Tune Up

Keep your computer running smoothly with our tune up offering. We clean up the computer, blow out the dust and ensure everything is running as good as it can. Our tune ups can save you time while you’re using your computer and will give you peace of mind that we gave everything on the computer a once over.

The best part of all of this, once you select your plan and we work together to get the initial set up running, everything else is invisible to you! We will be monitoring, backing up, etc. during your down time. It works while you sleep if you prefer.

Proactive vs. Reactive Approach Everyone experiences some level of computer issues at some point. Sometimes they are minor issues, other times, they are much larger issues. Our proactive approach will put your mind at ease that your computer is protected, data is safe and we are monitoring the system for any potential issues that could turn into a larger issue. A reactive approach can cost more money in the long run, especially if you ever need the services of a data recovery company due to a hardware failure or ransomware infection. These companies charge hundreds of dollars or more to recover your data.

Are you are a small business? Please contact us directly to learn about our small business plans!