Computer Help At Your Fingertips

Have you ever Imagined the day where you would be able to receive computer help you trust without ever leaving your home? A company that would have your best interest in mind and want to help ensure you are protected and your computer is running smoothly? You no longer have to imagine that day being far off in the future — it is here now!

B&R Computers offers service plans that feature phone and remote support, computer health monitoring, online backups, antivirus protection, software updates and many other features! As part of our service plans, you’ll have access to:

B&R Care Silver B&R Care Gold B&R Care Platinum
Managed Antivirus
Managed Antivirus
Managed Antivirus
Monthly Maintenance
Bi-Weekly Maintenance
Weekly Maintenance
Complete Health Monitoring
Complete Health Monitoring
Complete Health Monitoring
Windows Updates Patching
Windows / 3rd Party Updates Patching
50GB Cloud Storage
UNLIMITED Remote / Phone Support
For PCs used less than 5 hours per week.
For PCs used up to 10 hours per week.
For PCs used more than 10 hours per week.
$10 / Month per PC
$20 / Month per PC
$50 / Month per PC

Please see detailed information below about each offering. One time $69.00 set up fee per PC.

Managed Antivirus Protection

Virus protection from BitDefender provided by us. We will monitor and ensure it stays up to date, performs scheduled scans and handles any infections found appropriately.


Keep your computer running smoothly with our maintenance offering. We will ensure everything is running optimally and any preventative maintenance is happening at the scheduled intervals.

Computer Health Monitoring

Imagine knowing when your computer is having an issue before it’s too late! With our health monitoring, we will know if there is a hardware or software issue when Windows first reports it. If your hard drive starts to fail, we will know before it fails entirely, potentially saving you from losing your data. Or, if suddenly your computer is running slow, we will be able to tell where the slowdown is in the system and make recommendations to help speed it back up!

Windows / 3rd Party Update Patching

Depending on plan selected, we will ensure Windows Updates are installed regularly as well as any other software updates from common software vendors. Automatic Updates are not always automatic. We find very often outdated software on customer computers, opening up the possibility for a virus infection or unstable programs.

Cloud Storage

With our online storage offering, rest assured your data is backed up securely should anything ever happen to your computer. Family photos, critical documents, etc. are all safe and sound in our encrypted storage portal. From a hardware failure to a Ransomware attach, your data can be recovered quickly!

Unlimited Remote / Phone Support

Using our remote control software or by telephone, we are here and ready to support you should you have any questions or issues.

The best part of all of this, once you select your plan and we work together to get the initial set up running, everything else is invisible to you! We will be monitoring, backing up, etc. during your down time. It works while you sleep if you prefer.

Proactive vs. Reactive Approach Everyone experiences some level of computer issues at some point. Sometimes they are minor issues, other times, they are much larger issues. Our proactive approach will put your mind at ease that your computer is protected, data is safe and we are monitoring the system for any potential issues that could turn into a larger issue. A reactive approach can cost more money in the long run, especially if you ever need the services of a data recovery company due to a hardware failure or ransomware infection. These companies charge hundreds of dollars or more to recover your data.

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