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The most Frequently Asked Questions about our refurbished computers

What Does Refurbished Mean?

A refurbished computer is one that has been previously owned, used, or otherwise cannot be sold as new. Parts may have been replaced, software updated, or the device may have simply been cleaned. Often, when a computer is running too slowly to function at the necessary pace, the data can be saved, and the hard drive and software can be serviced to restore functionality. This way, the computer can run as new, without the need for an expensive replacement.

Are Refurbished Computers Safe?

You may be asking yourself: “Is it safe to use a computer that has had maintenance done?” If a computer has been properly serviced, using a refurbished computer is no different from a new one. All data and files from previous users are wiped from the system and fresh installations of all necessary programs are used. Every refurbished device from B&R is thoroughly tested to ensure you are getting the absolute best experience possible with your computer.

Is It Worth It To Buy Refurbished?

When a computer is refurbished, every part of the device is carefully inspected and tested to make sure it is operating at optimum levels. Pieces that are not up to standard are removed and replaced so that the computer functions smoothly. As each part is checked and replaced if necessary, a refurbished computer is essentially rebuilt as a new machine and sold at a much lower cost.

When you purchase a refurbished computer from B&R, you can have confidence that you’ll be getting a perfectly functioning machine for far less than you’d pay for a brand-new computer.

Will It Break Down or Be Less Reliable?

A common concern is that if a computer needed repair in the past, it will likely need more work in the future. The purpose of refurbishing is to eliminate the issue that was causing the need for the service in the first place. In most cases, refurbished computers run better than a brand new one because they can have newer software and components installed. As your refurbishment experts, B&R offers a 90-day warranty for any computers purchased, so you’ll always have some peace of mind when purchasing a refurbished computer.

What is an SSD vs. HDD?

An SSD is a storage drive that is many times faster than a traditional HDD. An SSD makes the whole user experience of a computer much faster, although they do come with a price premium versus an HDD. Typically, we recommend SSD's if the price premium is acceptable.

How Much Memory / RAM Do I Need?

8GB is good for day to day use. To allow faster multitasking with having browser windows open, documents open, etc., 16GB is recommended. For computers that allow 32GB configurations, that is for power users doing mainly graphics intense work. Most of our customers upgrade to 16GB of RAM due to the small price increase over 8GB.

What Version of Microsoft Office is Included?

If you are looking to have Microsoft Office included with your computer, we always use the latest version. It is a one time purchase license, not a monthly or yearly subscription. Purchase the license once, and it's yours forever.

What is Included in Your 1-Year Warranty?

On our refurbished computers, we offer an upgrade to a one year warranty. This warranty includes any hardware issues you may encounter, including the battery. It does not cover accidental damage or physical blemishes of the computer. Things like Memory, Storage Drive, Processor, Motherboard, DVD Drive, etc. are covered.

What Does Processor Generation Mean?

The generation of the processor is a good gauge to determine the age of a computer. Currently, Intel is soon to be releasing the 12th generation processor. With one generation per year, an 8th generation processor computer would be about 4 years old. 4th generation processor, the computer would be about 8 years old, etc.

Why Are Some USB Ports Blue Versus Black?

Black is usually USB 2.0, which is slower than the blue USB ports, which are USB 3.0. Blue ports are roughly 5x faster at copying data than a black USB 2.0 port.

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