Repairs & Upgrades

Is your computer not doing its best? Has it slowed down over the past few weeks or months? You might be thinking that it’s about time to replace your old device. But before going to buy a new computer, contact us and see what we can do.

Whether you have a desktop or laptop, a Lenovo, HP, or Dell, a Mac or PC, we service everything! When we go work on your device, we take extra care to examine each aspect, making sure every piece is functioning properly.

Just a few of our repair & upgrade offerings:
  • Virus Infection Removal - Viruses often get past firewalls and virus protection suites. No worries when you visit B&R Computers, our security experts will thoroughly scan your machine using industry leading tools to remove all traces of viruses and malware.
  • Tune Up - If your computer is running slow, we can assess the system and determine where we can get more performance from it. Often times, a good cleaning of the system will bring it back to life.
  • Computer Repair - Having other computer related issues? We can solve anything from a laptop screen replacement to a computer that doesn't turn on, from random restarting/shutdowns to the dreaded Windows Blue Screen of Death.

Residential Total Coverage Package

Included Services:
Virus Removal ($150.00 value) 1 Occurrence per Year
Tune Up ($150.00 value) 1 Occurrence per Year
Data Transfer to New Computer ($105.00 value) 1 Occurrence per Year
Level 1 Data Recovery 1 Occurrence per Year
Memory Installation Labor Only
SSD Upgrade Labor Only
Operating System Install ($150.00 value) 1 Occurrence per Year
Diagnostics ($75.00 value) 1 Occurrence per Year
Printer Setup and Troubleshooting 1 Occurrence per Year
Antivirus Software ($50.00 value)
Computer Health Monitoring
Windows Update Management
Remote, Phone, In-Store Support 4 Hours Per Year Total
1 Year Warranty on Refurbished Computers (up to $100.00 value)
MONTHLY INVESTMENT as low as $299.00/year,
per computer

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